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A.I.S.E (Association de la Savonnerie, de la Détergence et des Produits d’Entretien) is the official body that represents the European soap, detergent and maintenance product industry in contacts with international official and professional bodies, in particular within the European Union but also with other international organizations. A.I.S.E. is comprised of national associations through which A.I.S.E. represents over 1200 companies in 26 countries.

CESIO (Comité Européen des Agents de Surface et de leurs Intermédiares Organiques) is a sector group of CEFIC and represents the interests of the surfactant producers in Europe.

CEFIC, the European Chemical Industry Council is the Brussels-based organization representing national chemical federation and chemical companies of Europe. CEFIC represents about 40,000 companies in Europe which employ 2 million people and account for more than 30% of the world’s chemical production. CEFIC is the recognized lobby organization which assists member federations and companies to defend their interests at the EU Commission, Council and Parliament.

A Brief History

In 1992, an industry management steering committee on Environmental Risk Assessment and Management has been created to increase top management awareness around European Risk Assessment. The steering committee was chaired by Mr. Claude Mancel (R&D Vice President, Procter & Gamble) and top management of both the detergent industry and surfactant industry agreed to create joint research fund. This would ensure an effective and coordinated approach to tackle the scientific data gaps and methodological questions in a proactive manner. Representatives from both AISE and CESIO member companies have since then held the chair of this joint platform.