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About us

ERASM vision

ERASM research improves the basis for, and the knowledge about, the risk assessment of the impact of detergent-based surfactants on the environment and on human health. The outcome of the ERASM funded research balances the environmental impact of products with consumer needs and socio-economic consequences.


ERASM mission and scope

ERASM research addresses key concerns with regard to the environment and human health, technical issues and gaps in scientific knowledge that may affect the application and use of surfactants in detergents and cleaning products. This is done by undertaking joint research projects with academia and recognised research institutes to assess possible risks, research scientific tools and solutions and propose risk management solutions for the industry. The activity of ERASM is restricted to surfactants and related substances, including related precursors and degradation / biotransformation products.

ERASM research spans the value chain of surfactants, from raw material sourcing, to the use phase, wastewater treatment, including biodegradation, as well as freshwater and marine exposure. Through its work, the industry aims to contribute directly to the advancement of science with an effective, coordinated and proactive approach, while remaining both innovative and sustainable in bringing essential new products to market. ERASM research is jointly funded by member companies of A.I.S.E. (detergents and maintenance products industry) and CESIO (surfactants industry).


Outcome of ERASM research

The activities of ERASM encompass projects managed by industry experts and, where appropriate, in collaboration with recognised external research partners. The results of this research are published in relevant scientific literature and communicated to key stakeholders supporting discussion and engagement between the industry, academia and stakeholders, while making the wealth of scientific knowledge developed by ERASM widely available.


About this website

This website promotes this scientific research that has been carried out for over 25 years. The site is structured according to the areas of ERASM research mirroring the surfactant value chain. Issues are described and the outcome of completed projects is accompanied by the relevant publications (e.g. peer-reviewed articles, reports etc.) and scientific data files.