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ERASM structure

Steering Committee

Chair: Procter & Gamble – A. Temara
(Jun 2022 > Jun 2024)

A.I.S.E. – J. Robinson
CEPSA Quimica – C. Verge
CEPSA Quimica – V. Ochoa
Colgate Palmolive – J. Maiorana
Henkel – T. Bastigkeit
Henkel – O. Holtkoetter
RB – M. Schleicher
Sasol – H. Certa
Shell Chemicals – B. Tsang
Solvay – L. Planel
Unilever – G. Luijkx

Environment Technical Committee

Chair: CEPSA Quimica – V. Ochoa
(Jun 2022 > Jun 2024)

American Cleaning Institute (ACI) – K. Stanton
BASF – S. Wilhelm
CEPSA Quimica – C. Verge
Clariant – J. Bietz
Colgate – Palmolive – J. Maiorana
Henkel – M. Bergheim
Innospec – J. Dawick
Innospec – L. McAnally
Nouryon – M. Geurts
Procter & Gamble – K. Connors
Procter & Gamble – D. Schowanek
Reckitt Benckiser – H. Anselmo
Sasol – R. Stackhouse
Shell – E. Maloney
Unilever Research – G. Hodges

Human Health Technical Committee

Chair: Henkel – O. Holtkoetter
(Jun 2022 > Jun 2024)

BASF – S. Moors
Colgate – Palmolive – B. Wall
Dow – J. Klapacz
Evonik – B. Schmitt
Innospec – L. Kavanagh
Nouryon – J. Sax
Procter & Gamble 
– C. Rodriguez
– N. Frijus-Plessen
– Q. Shi

ERASM Steering Committee

ERASM work is governed by the ERASM Steering Committee, which is responsible for overall policy and strategy and meets twice per year. The Steering Committee is composed of representative from five surfactant producing companies (members of CESIO) and five detergent companies (members of A.I.S.E.) as well as representatives of both associations.

Chair: Ali Temara (Procter & Gamble) June 2022 > June 2024

ERASM Technical Committees

Two Technical Committees (TC) report to the Steering Committee. They are responsible for the overall project management within each respective area. They identify the key environmental or human health issues and concerns and/or data gaps that may affect the application and use of surfactants (and related materials) in detergents and cleaning products.

The TCs are run by a Chair and a Vice-Chair, which alternate between CESIO and A.I.S.E. representatives. The TC Chairs become de facto members of ERASM Steering Committee during the duration of their mandate and will be asked to report on the activities of their respective committees, present new projects for approval and seek relevant budgets.

Environment Technical Committee

Chair: V. Ochoa (CEPSA Quimica) June 2022 > June 2024

Human Health Technical Committee

Chair: O. Holtkoetter (Henkel) June 2022 > June 2024

ERASM projects

Activities and research are managed as projects, which are each chaired by a Project Leader from the industry. The project leader is responsible for managing projects to meet both technical and financial specifications. The project groups currently active can be seen on the organigramme.

ERASM Secretariat

The ERASM Secretariat manages the day to day administration of the work and is based within CESIO. The Secretariat is run by the ERASM Secretary General.

ERASM Secretariat
Rue Belliard 40 Bte.15, B-1040 Brussels
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